Printing Service

Bureau Printing Service

Italian Wholesale Jewellers designers utilize state of the art 3D computerised design software combined with our Rapid prototype printer to perform this awesome service! This service is principally offered to CAD designers who need rapid prototype models printed out and subsequently cast for mass production or one-off purposes. You may also wish for us to attend to the design phase as well! We will be happy to create your own designs in CAD, or to design original work for you.


Availablle Methods

  1. The easiest is to send us your watertight STL file via email. Once received we will telephone/email you to discuss and confirm your requirements.
  2. You may also submit work at any stage of development, or just send us your ideas and let us do the rest.
  3. We can also take your sketch, picture or idea to a virtual 3-D design and output the design into a castable wax model.

Unlike other processes like CNC milling machines, we are able to design and grow models with undercuts, thin wires, beads and even hollow areas. This is done with the industries best detail using Solidscape printing technology.

Why Choose Us?

If required, we can oversee the complete process of designing and casting the master model, pre-finishing, mold making, quality checking, finishing, gemstone supply and finished product delivery. We provide our bureau printing service to you at prices which will make you come back – again and again!

Needless to say, all rights in and ownership of proprietary material vests in the client. We are prepared to sign a NDA to protect your interests (if required). Absolute confidentiality is assured!

For an obligation-free quotation, please contact us to discuss your requirements.