The Halo Engagement Ring style is a long time hottie when it comes to engagement ring styles. Hailing from the 1920s this design has remained a popular option. Let us see why...
Halo engagement ring style

Halo Engagement Ring Design

The Halo diamond engagement ring became popular during the ART DECO period in the 1920’s. 

Halo engagement rings are the second most favourite choice with customers, after the quintessential Solitaire ring.

What is a Halo engagement ring? 

A Halo engagement ring is a ring with a centre stone encircled by smaller stones. 

The halo engagement ring setting is a very popular choice, as it presents a wide range of options for you to customize your design. 

It creates a look of pure luxury, as it enhances the centre diamond and makes the centre stone appear much larger than it actually is. 

With this regard, it also helps if you have a limited budget and you are wanting a “big look” ring. 

A high-carat center diamond looks huge in a Halo engagement ring setting. 

And a quarter, third, or half-carat diamond can look, by some estimates, as much as a half a carat larger. 

So no matter what your budget, a Halo engagement ring gives you a much bigger look. 

So having said this, it is safe to say a Halo diamond engagement ring exudes opulence.

Designing a halo engagement ring presents many exciting opportunities. 


The choice of the centre diamond can be very diverse. 

It may be a fancy colour or a colourless diamond. 

Choosing a diamond that is a certified stone and eye clean, with a beautiful colour and clarity, will guarantee an exquisite radiance for your ring.  

Very many centre stones may be used, with Sapphire,Tanzanite and lately, trendy Morganite being the most popular choice after diamonds. 

Morganite sets up beautifully in Rose gold. 



Yellow diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years. 

One can set the halo around various shape stones including Brilliant cut diamonds, Cushion cuts, Emerald cuts, Asscher cuts, Princess cuts, Ovals, Pear and Marquise etc.( Personally, I wouldn’t advise any stone with a pointy tip, such as Pear or Marquise, as these may chip or break if they are caught or knocked on something). 

However, if that is what you love and aspire to, I can easily design a halo around that stone for you. 

One can even go for a double or triple Halo engagement ring setting, for even more brilliance and sparkle. 

Look at this Halo engagement ring beauty in red /pink gold:





Radiant cuts look fantastic set up as Halo engagement rings, or even Solitaires.  

The actual setting of the centre diamond, as well as the halo, can also be showcased in an assortment of styles, like Claw settings – four or six claws usually, Illusion settings, Gypsy settings, Tension settings, to name a few.  

Antique halo engagement ring settings are inspired by designs from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid-Century Retro Moderne, and Contemporary periods. 

Our vintage style halo diamond engagement ring settings often feature intricate milgrain detailing, etching and filigree design. 




Diamond Cluster Halo settings are also an all time favourite, as these are the ultimate showstoppers. 

Naturally, various metals can be used, depending on your budget and your preference. 

Precious metals such as 9 carat or 18 carat white, yellow, rose gold, platinum, or even silver can be used. 

White diamonds with white gold or platinum are generally the favoured choice, as this creates a magnificent statement.  

Two tone Halo engagement rings also command appeal, and is a great choice if the wearer has other jewellery with both metal colours.

Yellow gold is a good choice for diamonds with some yellow in them.



The shank of a halo engagement ring can also be a feature. 

A classic choice is to keep the shank plain. 






Simple Halo engagement rings give a cleaner image. 

However, pave gives one more sparkle. Ideally the number of stones on the shank should be equal, creating symmetery, in keeping with the Art Deco phase. 

The shank may be wide or narrow and diamonds can even be set down the shank to add even more interest and dazzle. 

A split or entwined shank also creates interest, and one can set stones into the metal, or just keep it plain.   


Halo engagement rings are truly showstoppers, as they draw attention to one’s hand as they emphasise the brilliance of the centre stone. 




Many celebrities opt for Halo engagement rings. Paris Hilton’s massive 20 carat pear shaped diamond is set on a split halo band with another 2 carats of smaller diamonds.

Remember Lady Diana’s iconic oval sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds?  




Lady Di Halo Engagement Ring





Lady Di set a trend with halo engagement rings that carries on to the present day.


Brooke Shields has a magnificent centre diamond surrounded by micro pave set diamonds.



There is a lot to think about when you are looking for a Halo engagement ring. 

If this article has ticked all your boxes and you are considering a dream Halo diamond engagement ring, you have come to the right place. 

Putting together a personalized Halo engagement ring design is all about the detail. 


We use our expertise in the latest design technology and in conjunction with you, we would be delighted to work with you to create your dazzling Halo engagement ring masterpiece.

You can view all our Halo Engagement rings by clicking here.




What is YOUR favourite Halo engagement ring design?


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