Solitaire Engagement Ring Designs – 2020

The Solitaire Engagement Ring Design is a classic and will remain so for time eternal. This ring style looks fabulous with all diamond shapes. Consequently, when you get married, it also lends itself to adding any style side bands.
Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire Engagement Ring designs for 2020

The Solitaire Engagement Ring style has made a comeback.

For that reason, this faithful and favourite ring design is set to be a winner going into next year!

The Solitaire Diamond Engagement ring design is a winner into 2020

The most popular Engagement Ring Style going into 2020.

Yip – the Solitaire Engagement Ring design is once again on top as the most popular Engagement Ring Style going into 2020.

This no-fuss design has proven to consistently be a favourite – throughout the ages.

Note the elegance of this engagement ring style.

This is why it is so popular.

Take a look at these Solitaire Engagement Ring designs:

Above all, the Solitaire Engagement Ring Style is all about simplicity and is unpretentious – no  matter the size of the centre stone.


These are some further examples of this style:


Engagement Ring
Carter Classic
Engagement Ring
Alison Comfort Fit
Engagement Ring
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Solitaire Engagement Ring Designs

There are so many different styles in this engagement ring design category.

A bit of history behind the Solitaire Engagement Ring

The international jeweller Tiffany, world renowned in trend setting,  made the diamond solitaire engagement ring famous way back  in the 1870’s.

Not surprisingly, these rings have never gone out of vogue. 

For that reason Solitaire engagement rings are timeless classics. 

The look is elegant, yet makes a statement. 

Consequently, a diamond solitaire is a very popular engagement ring choice. 

The simple setting showcases the diamond (or gemstone) to perfection. 

Round Diamonds

You probably know the round brilliant diamond shape accounts for 60% of all engagement rings.

However any shape diamond (and also coloured gemstones) may be used in your Solitaire Engagement Ring setting. 

Hence, to name a few shapes – think Cushion, Oval, Princess, Asscher, Emerald cut – and lots more. 

Solitaire Engagement Rings  are fashionable in a huge way.

High quality centre stones are currently trending and look fabulous in this ring setting. 

Different metals

You may consider  creating your Solitaire Engagement Rings masterpiece in a variety of different metals. 

Think Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold. Palladium, even Silver! 


Endless Appeal

Solitaire Engagement Ring settings have endless appeal even though other engagement ring styles may come and go. 

Also, very many gemstones look wonderful in Solitaire Engagement Ring settings.

Apart from Engagement rings, Solitaire style rings also almost always make  fabulous Dress rings, Promise rings, Birthstone rings, Claddagh rings, Estate rings, etc..

Is this the perfect style for you?

Please let us know your thoughts – you may leave your Comments below.


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